Band of the month

Every month we present a band we think it’s worth to listen


March 2016

Celtic Frost

Where did we break off? Oh yeah, Switzerland! Here is another great band from our little country. Even Kurt Cobain once said, they influenced Nirvana. Celtic Frost. Check, check!








February 2016


AAAAAHHHH!!! We forgott February! We would like to dedicate the past month to the swiss trash metal band Coroner. Tommy Vetterly (guitar) mixed our last album. So check them out!








January 2016


Late but still…. Happy New Year! Our first band of the month is Kylesa. Check them out!








December 2015

Animal As Leaders

AAL is an instrumental progressive metal band from Washington D.C. Check their latest album Joy of motion  (although it’s not really music for christmas!).








November 2015

The Young Gods

Switzerland has just a few world famous rockbands. The Young Gods are for sure one of them. They recorded about 15 albums! We would suggest to start with the song Kissing the sun.








October 2015

The red paintings

Art rock from Australia. Check out their music.








September 2015

The Dead Weather

This US supergroup released two studio albums. The third one, Dodge and Burn, is set for the 25th of september. We’re looking forward!








August 2015


Soen is a progressive metal supergroup (members from Opeth, Death, Testament, Sadus). They re on european-tour in fall.








July 2015

The Chikitas

This Friday we had the pleasure to play after The Chikitas. Great show and thanks for the music. Check!








June 2015


Progressive Rock from Australia. Check!








May 2015


A great experimental rockband from Norway. “Be all end all” is their newest album. Also check their record from 2003 ” Vilosophe“, with a very surprising end. Support them!








April 2015

Coheed and Cambria

Long ago… In 2007 we had the honor to open for this progressive rock band from New York. They were great and still are.








March 2015

Mr. Bungle

Mr. Bungle was an American experimental band from California. Refreshing!








February 2015


This month we suggest MXD, an electro-rock band from Switzerland. They also play at Avalanche Festival and yeah, we like their music.








January 2015


Our first band in 2015 is Mish. Great Rock-, Prog-, Metal-Quartet from Sydney. Check it out baby! And of course… Happy New Year!!








December 2014

Eden Circus

Rock from Germany. Eden Circus has released their first album. Check out Marula.








November 2014


Yeah, Rishloo is back! You can already pre-order the new album “Living as ghosts with buildings as teeth” on their website. Do it! And listen to the new single “Landmines”.








October 2014


Yesterday we went to Lucern to see our friends from Amplifier. Great show and the sound was amazing. The evening was opened by Knifeworld. A mix of Zappa and Waltari, cool arrangements and fun to listen. Check them out.








September 2014


We almost forgot our friends from Poland. On our little Germany tour in 2008, we became friends with Indukti and had a great time on and off the stage. Check out IDMEN from 2009 and especially the song Nemesis with Michael on vocals.








August 2014


Earth was in town. The pioneers of “Drone Doom”. Very slow, very minimalistic, VERY COOL!








July 2014

The Mars Volta

I rediscovered “Frances the Mute” from Mars Volta! Unfortunately this amazing rock band from Texas broke up in 2013.









June 2014


The music of this extreme metal band from Sweden is packed with polyrhythms and tempo changes. It takes a while, till you understand what’s going on, but it is worth the time. We recommend “Destroy, Erase, Improve”.








May 2014

Nine Inch Nails

Sure you all know the American industrial rocker, founded by Trent Reznor (the only official member of NIN) in 1988. Beside the albums With teeth and Year Zero I would suggest the EP Broken from 1994 and of course the great live DVD “Beside you in time”.








April 2014


Isis was a California based post metal band with a career spanning from 1997 – 2010. I would suggest their fourth album “In the Absence of Truth”.








March 2014

Drown Incus

This alternative rock band from Lucerne (Switzerland) was formed in 2006. Check out their first album “Latter days”








February 2014

8 (Prisma)

Some people asked for sheet music. So, no band for february, but our song 8 from the album You name it. Check it out, play it and have fun with it!









January 2014


We almost forgot January! Amplifier is our band of the month. Since 1999 this rock trio from Manchester (England) released four albums. The self-titled debut album – Amplifier – is still my favorite.








Diesel Machine

This metal quartet from Los Angels was formed in 1996. Their only studio album “Torture Test”  is full of tricky rhythmical arrangements. Check it out!









Oceansize was a rock band from Manchester (1998 – 2011). They released four studio albums. We suggest “Frames” from 2007 to start.









The Swedish progressive metal band was formed in 1990. They released ten studio albums and a couple of live recordings. Check out the Roundhouse tapes. GREAT!!








Disco Doom

Disco Doom was in town! They’re currently on tour with the U.S. indie rock band “Built to spill”. We’re grateful that they stopped in Zurich. Disco Doom have a unique bandsound, lots of energie but always the calmness to build up their soundwalls and wait for the perfect moment to go the extra mile. Check them out and support them. YES!

Disco Doom on Bandcamp







July/August 2013

Here we go again. Because of the hot weather, endless summer nights and holidays, there was no time for the July band. Therefore we present you two of our favorites at the same time.

Ozric tentacles

This instrumental, psychedelic , space rock band from England celebrate their 30th anniversary. In this time they released about 28 albums! For a start (although it’s almost impossible to decide), we recommend the album “Strangeitude”. If you just have time for one song, go for “Space out” from the album “Swirly Termination”








The second one goes to Waltari from Finland. Since 1986 they play a mix of metal, hip hop, punk, industrial and hard rock. Their latest album “Covers all” is a good start to get familiar with this band.







June 2013


Although the new Queens of the stone age album (…like Clockwork) is probably not as magic as “Songs for the deaf”, it’s still a great album with lots of powerful guitar riffs. But this month I would like to go to the beginning of the stoner rock and recommend “Welcome to Sky Valley” from Kyuss. The sounds on this cd are very raw. That’s the real sound of the desert.

Listen / Buy: Amazon








May 2013


May goes to the Polish progressive metallers Riverside. They are back with their new album “Shrine of new generation slaves” and currently on tour in Europa and USA. We could play with them in Mexicali and Basel.

Listen / Buy: Amazon

April 2013

Cowboys from hell

Not just another Pantera cover band. This trio (drums, bass, saxophone) plays prog with lots of odd-meters. They have great technical skills and it’s fun to listen to a distorted sax.

Listen: Dunschtig

Buy: Amazon








March 2013


Einen schönen, wirklich breit gewobenen Soundteppich legen seit 2008, Murmansk aus Finnland.
Olli (bass), Laura (voc/guitar), Jaakko (drums), Jari (guitar).
Diese Band ist kurz gesagt, purer Sex!
Die Finnen/in balancieren zeigen enorme Spielfreude. Tight, treibend, melancholisch und ausdrucksstark.
Brutal romantisch und brachial hymnisch.
Innälosä giglä!  (What the fuck does that mean!?)




Februar 2013

The Smashing Pumpkins

There is not much to say about our february band, because they are (or were) already famous.

I was in holiday and had just my old mp3 player with me. So, I rediscovered the great Smashing Pumpkins. For all of you, who never heard “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” check it out. I actually don’t know a rock album who is that versatile. I almost like every song on the cd.








Januar 2013


Our first band in 2013. Mr. Bungle meets Neurosis meets Black Mountain.

Es ist nicht ganz klar, ob Shora aus Genf überhaupt noch zusammen rocken. Das letzte Album erschien 2006.

Malval heisst das gute Stück und ist im Gegensatz zu den früheren Alben eine zwar etwas ruhigere Angelegenheit, wirkt aber keineswegs kraftloser als die Vorgänger.

Jazzig, virtuos, treibend, brachial und stark melancholisch. Um an solch einem breit gefächerten Spektrum an Spielfreude nicht zu scheitern, braucht es ein immenses Verständnis. Genau das ist Shoras Stärke.

Während sie bei der EP “Shaping the random” (2000) noch mit Gesang arbeiteten, besticht der letzte Lebensbeweis der Schweizer Combo durch sphärische Weiten und rhythmischer Perfektion. Beides ergänzt sich wie die Knusperkruste auf dem Fischfilet. Für Fleischesser gilt dasselbe. Delicious!

Wer Mr. Bungle, Neurosis und eine Prise Undefinierbarkeit à la Black Mountain checken möchte – haut rein!


Dezember 2012


With a little delay we present you our december band. Leech. A treat for the ears.

Der Titel ihres neuen Albums ist in etwa so lange wie die Songs die darauf zu finden sind. Die Hälfte der zehn Songs auf „If we get there one day, would you please open the gates?“ siedeln sich in der Zehn-Minuten-Gegend an und das ist gut so. Durch die Orchestrierung versteht es die Band grosse musikalische Bögen zu spannen. Sie setzen ihre Instrumente und Effekte geschickt ein und warten geduldig auf den richtigen Moment um zuzuschlagen. Dass bei rein instrumentalen Songs dieser Länge nie Langeweile aufkommt, sagt eigentlich schon genug über die Qualität dieser Musik aus.

Reinhören, kaufen und am kalten Winterabend geniessen.


November 2012


An other great band from germany! Check out their new album Tank Goodness. 48 minutes fun, and their cover version of John Coltrane “Giant Steps”….    Hell yeah!

Man mag mich einen Banausen nennen da ich erst mitte Oktober dieses Jahres auf diese charmante Gruppe Musikanten gestossen bin, und dies erst noch relativ unvorbereitet. Nun, ich muss sagen dass ich mich nicht genau dran erinnern kann, wann ich das letzte mal ein so positives Konzerterlebnis hatte. Der Mix, ein ausserordentlicher Schmaus, die Band sympathisch.

Wem die ewig gleichen Harmonien, Rhythmen und Texte von Muse, Billy Talent und den Ärzten zwar gefallen aber doch mit der Zeit etwas langweilen, der hat mit Panzerballett genau die richtige Lösung gefunden. Erfrischend wie der Saft einer Zitrone die man sich mit der Hand überm Maul auspresst. Der Zuhörer wähnt sich zeitweise tatsächlich inmitten eines endzeitlichen Nuklearkillernazipanzerballetts.. aber zum Glück ereilt ihn von Takt zu Takt (wann auch immer das sein mag…) die beruhigende Erkenntnis, dass die Panzer aus rosarotem Marzipan geknetet sind. Also, auf in den Krieg!

Oktober 2012


We’re starting with our friends from Germany. We played with them couple years ago in Cologne. Not only a great band, also nice dudes to hang out and their new album “Pilots of a new sky” rocks.

Sinew nehmen uns mit ihrem neuen Album Pilots of a new sky mit auf die Reise durch ihre Musikgeschichte.

Bereits der Opener “Leading to Rome” wandelt sich nach dem Gitarren-Intro (à la Foofighters) zum absoluten Ohrwurm, um danach einem epischen Prog-Zwischenteil zu verfallen. Am Schluss des Songs kommen Sinew dem Weltuntergang schon ziemlich nahe. “The party is over my friend” singt Sascha Junker, dabei hat sie doch erst begonnen.

Danach servieren uns Sinew “Turquoise” in Radiolänge, “Mercy on Apollo” (könnte glatt als neuer James Bond Song durchgehen) und mit “Life in a loop” sogar eine 12/8 Piano-Ballade, bis sie sich dann mit dem 13-minütigen “The descend of the heart of mount Sadhana” endgültig vor dem Prog verneigen.

Dredg, Foofighters, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, a-ha, System of a down, Katatonia, Dead Soul Tribe…

Die Liste der Einflüsse die man auf Pilots of a new sky hört ist lang. Vielleicht könnte man sie aber in einem Wort zusammen fassen: SINEW.

Hoffen wir, dass diese Band noch etwas regelmässiger den Weg aus ihrem Übungsraum findet.